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30 Years in the Advertising, Marketing and Logistics Industry! Media Logistics Inc. was found with a vision to support business clients to grow.

Our motto is to make it easy to connect Business Clients to Media Outlets, be it Satellite, Cable, Digital, OTT, IPTV, Online available in North America. We now use every Social Media platforms to the advantage of our clients.
We have close affiliation with International Mainstream Media Outlets and Regional Media Outlets originates from North America in every language from across India.

Statistics you may want to know…
92 % of NRI Non Resident Indian Diaspora Viewers are between the age of 22 and 70 bracket.83% of Viewers have $250-300k household income and owns homes valued at $400k to $1 million. Buying power is one among the top of any ethnicity. 72% of Indians have a post graduate or doctoral degree.
Well educated and understand the value of quality. Power of knowledge.
We have direct link to the single largest Physicians group exist in North America with over 80,000 members strong.

  • NRI’s viewership have increased 100% in the digital era.
  • Enjoys Entertainment Programs and a hard core viewers of News.
  • Every household has a Digital Streaming Service or a Smart TV.
  • Indians uses every Social Media present on planet.
  • Uses technology, internet and all mobile gadgets as the best usable medium.
Why Advertise with Media Logistics Inc?
  • Reaching over 4 million South Asians in North America
  • Most upscale market demographics
  • Brand Integration with targeted content
  • Engaging the viewers via all Media Outlets
  • Package custom created for every budget of the client
  • Versatile Advertising inventory
  • The most affordable range of packages
  • Best return for every $dollar spent
  • Our client’s satisfaction is the key to our success